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1. Letter from the Board of Directors

Dear colleague,
Ibox Energy is a company that aims to play a leading role in the European renewable energies sector, guided by our two-fold commitment to both sustainability and ethics. At Ibox Energy we are proud to make our own modest contribution to responsible social and economic development, enthusiastically taking on and confronting some of the great global challenges that the world currently faces: the fight against climate change, the production of clean and sustainable energy and the reasonable and efficient use of natural resources.

We are aware that the achievement of both these ambitious collective aims and our own business targets must be supported by the establishment of a robust relationship of trust with all of the people who directly or indirectly share our interests and goals, our partners, investors, employees, associates, customers, suppliers, public institutions and authorities and society in general.

Building and retaining that trust rests on our absolute commitment and strategic aim to operate as an ethical company. Responsibility, integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of our corporate culture. We are conscious of the fact that this culture must inform our decisions and behaviour at all times and underpin our creation of social and economic value.

At Ibox Energy we therefore apply a policy of zero tolerance towards any behaviour that does not respect our ethical principles or that violates the legislation in force. This applies to each and every one of the people who belong to our organisation, from the members of the board of directors to each employee or associate. We must all place ethics ahead of all other priorities and aspire in the way we behave to act as an example for all of our colleagues and all the people and institutions that place their trust in Ibox Energy.

This Code is a tool designed to strengthen trust in our relationships and consolidate our ethical culture. We rely on you to abide by it.

The Board of Directors.

2. Aims of the Code

This Code forms the core around which Ibox Energy’s behavioural model and ethical culture revolves. The Code has been approved by Ibox Energy’s Board of Directors and it seeks to achieve the following objectives:

To establish the rules and principles associated with ethical and responsible behaviour at Ibox Energy, in line with the applicable legislation and international rules and recommendations.

To promote corporate behaviour that is accepted and respected by all the company’s employees, associates, managers and directors.

To establish the due standards of care in matters of ethical and responsible corporate behaviour.

To help identify, prevent or mitigate any real or potential negative impacts associated with the company’s business activities.

To guide relations with stakeholders (partners, customers, suppliers, public institutions, local communities and society in general) to ensure the integrity of those relations

To contribute to progress and sustainable economic, environmental and social development in the countries in which the company operates.

To ensure that the company’s business is conducted in harmony with public policies .

To strengthen the foundations of mutual trust between Ibox Energy and its stakeholders.

To promote compliance with best international practices in the management of environmental and social aspects of Ibox Energy’s business, particularly the Equator Principles established by the International Finance Corporation (World Bank) and the Loan Market Association’s Green Loan Principles.

3. Applicable scope of the Code

The principles and behavioural standards contained in this Code of Ethics apply to all of Ibox Energy’s employees, associates, managers and directors, regardless of their hierarchical or operational dependence, their geographical location or the Ibox Energy group company to which they provide services either directly or on behalf of third parties.

In addition, the principles and behavioural standards contained in this Code of Ethics apply to all the companies and organisations that are dependent on Ibox Energy, regardless of their geographical location. To this end, dependent companies and organisations are understood to be those over which Ibox Energy exercises direct or indirect control, either through its holding of a majority of voting rights or through its capacity to appoint or dismiss the majority of the members of their administrative bodies.

Where dependent companies are also bound by other codes of ethics or conduct that result from the national legislation of the countries in which they operate, they will also comply with these codes.

Those codes of ethics or conduct will, in all cases, be inspired by the principles and standards established in this Code.

Ibox Energy will promote the adoption of and adherence to provisions similar to those that are contained in this Code by companies that are not dependent but that Ibox Energy is responsible for managing, as well as by Ibox Energy’s suppliers, insofar as the provisions in question are not incompatible with the professional deontological standards or codes of conduct of the company ororganisation to which they refer.

Compliance with this Code is understood to be without prejudice to compliance with all of Ibox Energy’s other standards, policies and internal procedures. If the natural persons or bodies corporate that are subject to this Code are bound by laws or standards, policies or internal procedures that are stricter than the provisions here of, the former shall take precedence over the latter

4. Basic behavioural principles

These basic behavioural principles form the foundation on which Ibox Energy’s ethical culture model is built, and they inspire the rules of conduct for the company’s employees, associates, managers and directors.

The integration of these principles as part of the Ibox Energy culture will lead to the development of a model for excellence in its business activities and its relations with all stakeholders, reinforcing its social legitimacy and sustainability in the long term.

5. Standards of conduct

5.1.Compliance with the law

Ibox Energy’s employees, associates, managers and directors must assumethis undertaking to comply with the law.

5.2. Employee relations

Personal relations at Ibox Energy are conducted in a respectful manner. Ibox Energy rejects any instance of physical, psychological or moral harassment or abuse of authority, along with any other conduct that could give rise to an environment of intimidation or offence against the rights of others, and the company seeks to promote respectful working conditions that will prevent such situations from arising.

Ibox Energy also seeks to ensure compliance with the directives of the International Labour Organisation, promoting and respecting the right to freedom of association and collective negotiation in the workplace. We adopt measures to ensure equal opportunities and facilitate the necessary balance between professional and private life, maintaining a policy of total respect for human rights and zero tolerance for any kind of child, forced or slave labour or human trafficking in all of our own business activities and those ofour contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, associates and commercial partners.

We ensure that all employees enjoy equal opportunities in the development of their professional careers.

We encourage a healthy working environment and strive to ensure that the rights of others are not violated.

We respect the personal and family privacy of all our employees.

We seek to avoid causing negative impacts on people and help to repair and resolve any situation where impacts have occurred.

We reject any incident of intimidation or offence against employees.

Duties of managers, employees, directors and associates:

To treat all colleagues fairly and with respect.

To comply rigorously with the rules governing health and safety in the workplace.

To report any situation in which the rights of people connected with the company’s operations may potentially be violated, using the channels made available by Ibox Energy.

To maintain the confidentiality of all the information to which they have access as a consequence of the performance of their professional duties.

To be loyal to Ibox Energy and not to participate in any processes or decisions in which there may be a conflict between their own interests and those of the company.

To be aware of and apply the best international standards in the area of sustainable development.

To ensure that their conduct does not generate or assist the generation of any negative impact on the interests, reputation or image of Ibox Energy in the marketplace or in society.

5.3.Relations with the Public Authorities

The company undertakes to maintain open and honest communications with the public authorities and to operate a zero tolerance policy against corruption.

Ibox Energy’s employees, associates, managers and directors, along with any professional personnel or external organisations that interact with the public authorities on behalf or in the name of Ibox Energy, must accept and comply with the following duties:

To ensure that all communications with public officials, whether directly or through intermediaries, are accurate and honest and comply with the law.

Not to attempt to influence the wishes of public officials in order to obtain some kind of benefit for themselves or for Ibox Energy through the use of unethical practices.

Not to offer bribes (including gifts or considerations) to public officials with the intention of obtaining or maintaining advantages for Ibox Energy’s business.

Not to make payments to public officials in cash, even when the payments in question are lawful and properly justified.

5.4. Supplier relations

The procedures used by Ibox Energy to select its suppliers will make use of objective and impartial criteria and avoid any conflict of interest or favouritism during the selection process. Suppliers will be required to display the following conduct:

Compliance with the legislation in force and with ethical standards similar to those of Ibox Energy.

Compliance with the quality and safety standards established in law and with the best practices that apply in the marketplace and at Ibox Energy.

Maintaining lawful, honest and transparent relations with any third parties, including public officials, that they engage with on behalf or in the name of Ibox Energy.

Seeking to ensure that their own suppliers and subcontractors are subject to behavioural principles that are equivalent to the principles they themselves adhere to when dealing with Ibox Energy.

5.5. Client relations

Applying the highest quality standards to the processes for the design and construction of photovoltaic equipment, in order to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers expectations.

Applying the maximum care in managing any conflicts of interest that may arise in relation to Ibox Energy’s stakeholders and that may cause harm to the quality of the equipment.

Ensuring that the information shared with customers is complete and truthful.

Respecting free competition in the marketplace.

5.6. Relations with the environment

Adopting operational technologies and procedures that reflect the importance of environmental quality in all areas of the company.

Developing and supplying electrical energy generating equipment that does not have adverse effects on the environment and that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is efficient when it comes to the use of natural resources.

Studying and evaluating resources for improving environmental results.

Training employees, associates, managers and directors in environmental matters .

Ibox Energy’s employees, associates, managers and directors must make these undertakings personally and accept and comply with the following obligations:

To respect the law that applies to environmental issues in the different geographical areas in which the equipment is located.

To minimise any harmful environmental effects caused by the equipment.

To prioritise criteria for prevention over criteria for correction inrespect of environmental matters.

To maintain awareness and consciousness of environmental issues among all of the company’s associates and suppliers.

To promote the continuous improvement of environmental management.

5.7. Community relations

To comply with obligations in respect of tax and social security as the most enduring way of contributing to the economic development and social wellbeing of the community.

To establish dialogue and honest and transparent communication with the community in order to learn about and manage their expectations.

To identify and manage the risks attached to the social, economic and environmental impact of the company’s business on the community.

To stimulate local employment by engaging local personnel and suppliers whenever they are in a position to match market conditions and can ensure meeting Ibox Energy’s contracting standards.

Ibox Energy is a corporate member of UNEF (the Spanish Photovoltaic Union) and the APPA (Association of Renewable Energy Companies)

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